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Pre-Order FxMagnetic HHM and Save 82% + Exclusive Bonuses!

FxMagnetic HHM™ Gives You Precise Trading Signals Based on Hammer and Hanging Man Candlestick Patterns, Strategy Optimization, and Comprehensive Performance Analytics.

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Rimantas Petrauskas

Dedicated to your Forex success since 2009

For over a decade, Rimantas Petrauskas has been a trusted and influential name in the Forex industry, renowned for his expertise and innovative contributions. Creator of the acclaimed Local Trade Copier™ and founder of EA Coder, Rimantas has consistently delivered high-quality tools to improve and simplify Forex trading.

His journey began as a trader himself, where he experienced firsthand the challenges and complexities of the Forex market. He noticed the lack of accessible, user-friendly tools that could help traders understand and navigate the market more efficiently. This realization sparked a drive within him to develop solutions that would fill this gap.

With the vision to empower traders around the globe, Rimantas created the FxMagnetic HHM™ Indicator. He recognized the struggle that many traders face – a lack of reliable strategies and the uncertainty of trade outcomes. His intention was to craft a tool that would not only provide clear, optimized signals based on the Hammer & Hanging Man candlestick patterns but also improve traders' win rates and confidence in their strategies.

The FxMagnetic HHM™ Indicator is a testament to Rimantas' commitment to aiding traders in their journey. It is his belief that with the right tools and knowledge, anyone can navigate the Forex market successfully. This passion and dedication continue to drive his innovations and make a positive impact on the Forex trading community.

What FxMagnetic HHM™ Indicator Can Do For You

Discover FxMagnetic HHM, the ultimate tool for precise buy and sell signals based on Hammer and Hanging Man candlestick patterns, providing you with clear entry and exit points!

Non-Repainting Signals

Providing non-repainting and accurate signals based on historical data for reliable trading decisions

Optimal SL/TP

Detects optimal stop-loss and take-profit parameters, eliminating the guesswork to protect your funds

Instant Notifications

Sends instant notifications via sound, popup, email, and push alerts, freeing you from constant screen-watching.

Hammer + Hanging Man

Precise buy and sell signals based on Hammer and Hanging Man patterns

Performance Analytics

In-depth performance analytics for informed decision-making


Built-in optimization feature to find the best parameters and maximize profit potential

Exact Entry and Exit Price

Comprehensive data on current and closed signals

Up to 100 Signals on Chart

Efficient trade management with up to 100 trading signals on your chart

Automated Analysis

Save time and energy with automated analysis

Ready to Improve Your Candlestick Strategy in Just 10 minutes?

What can you expect from FxMagnetic HHM™ when you get started today!

Without FxMagnetic™

Manual trial-and-error adjustments
Repainting signals
Guessing the best stop-loss and take-profit
Spend 24/7 on a computer to follow signals
Limited or no trading insights
Partial or no signal information
Guessing best parameters and no stats about previous signals
Overwhelm due to information overload

With FxMagnetic™

Built-in optimization to find the best win rate %
Non-repainting and accurate signals
Optimal stop-loss and take-profit parameters
Instant alerts (sound, popup, email, push)
In-depth performance analytics
Clear, actionable signal information
Comprehensive stats on previous 100 trading signals allows you to find best parameters
User-friendly interface and easy-to-understand trading signals

Here's exactly what you're getting on May 29th when you pre-order today!

FxMagnetic HHM™ price action indicator for MT4 (1-year license)

FxMagnetic HHM™ is the market's next-gen tool that fine-tunes Hammer & Hanging Man patterns in real-time. It’s your ticket to a streamlined, laser-focused trading experience that keeps you a step ahead.

FxMagnetic HHM™ is like having a seasoned trader whispering in your ear, guiding you to make smarter, calculated decisions based on precise candlestick patterns in the market - letting you trade with confidence, even if you're new to Forex.

Unlocks precision trading with candlestick patterns
Eliminates guesswork; optimizes Stop-loss and Take-profit
No repaint; reliable trading signals always
Stay alert with real-time notifications
Adapts strategy to changing market conditions
Reduces information overload; simplifies trading
Enhances winning trades with historical accuracy
Comprehensive visual signals on your charts

(Value €199.00)

1-year software license: FxMagnetic HHM™ for MT4


Vip Fast Track Pass: Done-For-You Professional Remote Installation & Configuration

If you want to start copying trades to a few accounts right away, then our team will do the installation for you. You’ll have to provide them access through AnyDesk software (very easy), and our team will connect to your computer remotely and do the installation while you are at the computer. You’ll see everything they do.

(Value €97.00)

Done-For-You Installation Service: VIP Fast Track Pass



Trader On Chart™ Position Size Calculator and Trade Panel (60-day license for MT4)

Trader On Chart™ is a position size calculator and MT4 trade panel that help you trade easily from the chart on MT4 Desktop.

With Trader On Chart™, you can open trades 10 times faster in one click because it will calculate lot size automatically based on your preset stop loss, take profit and money management settings.

Facilitates easy trading from MT4 chart
Auto-calculates lot size for trades
Simplifies risk control for each trade
User-friendly interface, easy to install
Assists in efficient breakout and news trading
Streamlines straddle pending orders setup
Features Smart Break Even for trades
Recommended by seasoned Forex traders globally

(Value €30.00)

2-month software license: Trader On Chart™ for MT4



Forex Trading For Beginners: The Only Guide You Need To Read

"Forex Trading For Beginners: The Only Guide You Need To Read" provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of Forex trading, offering essential insights for beginners.

While the guide won't turn you into a pro overnight, it assures a strong start in your Forex journey towards financial freedom.

Remember, understanding the basics of currency trading is the first step towards successful trading, and this guide is all you need to kickstart your journey.

Comprehensive introduction to Forex trading
Unveils top 7 beginner trading mistakes
Builds confidence for beginner traders
Decodes Forex basics for success
Guides in choosing the right broker
Explains need for a trading strategy
Underlines the importance of money management
Highlights things to avoid at all costs

(Value €30.00)

PDF: Forex Trading For Beginners (The Only Guide You Need To Read)



Candlestick Patterns Cheat Sheet (High quality printable PDF)

Enhance your trading toolkit with the Candlestick Patterns Cheat Sheet, a high-quality, vectorized and printable PDF wall poster. This detailed guide presents various candlestick patterns for quick and easy reference.

Ideal for high-resolution printing in various sizes
Includes mobile edition for ultimate convenience
Quick identification of trading patterns
Improved decision-making in trading
Enhances strategic trading approach

(Value €30.00)

PDF: Candlestick Patterns Cheat Sheet (High quality printable PDF)



How to trade Hammer & Hanging Man Candlestick Patterns

The video course "How to Trade Hammer & Hanging Man Candlestick Patterns" provides a step-by-step guide on using FxMagnetic HHM™ to effectively trade these specific candlestick patterns.

This comprehensive course not only teaches you to identify these patterns but also demonstrates the use of the optimization function for finding the best parameters across multiple pairs and timeframes.

Gain a deeper understanding of trading dynamics and refine your strategies with this in-depth, instructional resource.

Master Hammer & Hanging Man patterns
Learn to setup FxMagnetic HHM on MT4
Optimize parameters across multiple pairs/timeframes
Master instant notifications: sound, email, popup, push
Understand various FxMagnetic HHM trading styles
Learn to re-optimize for market changes
Adapt quickly to evolving market conditions

(Value €99.00)

Video course: How to trade Hammer & Hanging Man Candlestick Patterns


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Still Undecided?

Pre-order FxMagnetic HHM™ now and receive:

82% discount on the product price (valid until May 29th)
Exclusive bonuses to elevate your trading experience
Priority access to the product on the release date (May 29th)

FxMagnetic HHM™ Gives You Precise Trading Signals, Strategy Optimization, and Comprehensive Performance Analytics

FxMagnetic HHM™ provides accurate buy and sell signals based on Hammer and Hanging Man candlestick patterns, enabling traders to make informed decisions regarding entry and exit points.

Are You Ready to Pre-Order Now?

Here's exactly what you're getting... on 29th of May!

FxMagnetic HHM (1-year license for MT4) (€199 Value)
Bonus #1: Trader On Chart (60-day license for MT4) (€30 Value)
Bonus #2: Forex Trading For Beginners (The Only Guide You Need To Read) (€30 Value)
Bonus #3: Candlestick Patterns Cheat Sheet (High quality printable PDF) (€30 Value)
Bonus #4: How to trade Hammer & Hanging Man Candlestick Patterns (Video course) (€99 Value)

Total Value €388  Regular Price €97

Todays Price €17


frequently asked questions

How does FxMagnetic HHM™ compare to other MT4 indicators?

FxMagnetic HHM™ outperforms other MT4 indicators with its optimization function, enabling traders to find the best strategy parameters for higher win rates.

Can FxMagnetic HHM™ improve my win rate in Forex & Stock trading?

Yes, FxMagnetic HHM™ can potentially improve your win rate by providing optimized buy and sell signals based on Hammer & Hanging Man candlestick patterns.

How often should I optimize the strategy parameters with FxMagnetic HHM™?

Optimizing strategy parameters with FxMagnetic HHM™ should be done weekly or when you feel market conditions have changed significantly.

What makes FxMagnetic HHM™ unique from other trading indicators?

FxMagnetic HHM™ is unique due to its optimization function, comprehensive stats display, and signal outcomes shown directly on the chart. So far, we do not know anything else like this in the market.

Can I use FxMagnetic HHM™ with other trading strategies and tools?

Yes, you can combine FxMagnetic HHM™ with other trading strategies and tools to enhance your overall trading approach. But, in this case, you will not know the win rate of your signals as FxMagnetic HHM™ measures only signals based on its logic.

How do I get started with the FxMagnetic HHM™ indicator on MT4?

To get started, simply install FxMagnetic HHM™ on your MT4, configure strategy parameters, and begin optimizing for the best results on your chosen currency pair and timeframe. Note that the indicator will be released on the 29th of May!

Is the FxMagnetic HHM™ indicator suitable for beginners in forex trading?

FxMagnetic HHM™ is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders as it simplifies the trading process with clear buy/sell signals and optimization.

How do Hammer & Hanging Man candlestick patterns affect FxMagnetic HHM™ signals?

Hammer & Hanging Man candlestick patterns form the basis of the FxMagnetic HHM™ strategy, helping traders identify potential market reversals.

Can I upgrade FxMagnetic HHM™ to Autotrader for automated trading?

Yes, you can upgrade FxMagnetic HHM™ to Autotrader for automated trading, ensuring you don't miss out on any signals. You will have an opportunity to upgrade to the Autotrader License after purchasing the Indicator License.

What timeframes and currency pairs are best suited for FxMagnetic HHM™?

FxMagnetic HHM™ works well with various timeframes and currency pairs, but optimization will help determine the best settings for each. You can use it on any instrument you have in your MT4 (Forex, Gold, Oil, Stocks, Commodities, etc.)

Is there a one-time payment option available?

Yes, we provide a one-time payment option for the FxMagnetic HHM™, and after purchasing the annual plan, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade.

Can the FxMagnetic HHM™ indicator be incorporated into custom MQL4 Expert Advisors or indicators?

The FxMagnetic HHM™ indicator, in its current design, doesn't incorporate BUY and SELL buffers. This choice is due to its incorporation of advanced algorithms, which does not align with the straightforward integration with other indicators or EAs through the MQL4 iCustom() function.

What can I expect for the monthly return with this strategy?

The FxMagnetic HHM™ indicator primarily focuses on enhancing win rates and providing strategy insights for BUY and SELL signals. Estimating a specific monthly return is difficult, as it depends on numerous factors such as timeframe, traded instrument, and chosen parameters, among others. Providing an exact answer is not feasible.

Can I access a free trial for FxMagnetic HHM™?

We don't provide a free trial for FxMagnetic HHM™; however, we offer a money-back guarantee if you don't see a higher win rate within your first 30 days of using this indicator. See our refund policy for more information.

What is the renewal cost after one year?

Currently, the pre-sale offers a 50% discount on the regular price of 97 EUR. We can't guarantee the exact renewal price after a year, but it is likely to be around 97 EUR/year. That's why we provide an upgrade to a one-payment plan after purchase at a similar rate.

Does FxMagnetic HHM™ indicator repaint signals?

FxMagnetic HHM™ is a non-repainting indicator. It displays the outcomes of previous signals, regardless of whether they were winning or losing trades.

Is there a FxMagnetic HHM™ indicator available for MT5?

Currently, FxMagnetic HHM™ is exclusive to MT4. We might develop an MT5 version in the future. However, you can use FxMagnetic HHM™ on MT4 to generate signals and manually execute them on MT5 or any other trading platform. Also, with a Local Trade Copier™ from, you can replicate these trades on one or multiple MT5 accounts, allowing MT4 strategies to be automatically applied on MT5.

What's the minimum account balance I need to trade with FxMagnetic HHM™?

While a larger balance can yield higher profits, you can begin with as little as $500, especially if you're new to trading. We also recommend practicing on a demo account initially. The absolute minimum is $50, but managing risks on such a small account might be difficult.

Is it possible for the FxMagnetic HHM™ indicator to send me notifications for entry points? I can't monitor my screen all day.

Absolutely, the FxMagnetic HHM™ indicator offers sound alerts, popup alerts, and push alerts within MT4 to keep you updated without constant screen monitoring.

Boost Your Win Rate Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

30-Day Win Rate Boost Guarantee: We're confident that FxMagnetic HHM™ will help increase your win rate by identifying profitable opportunities. If you don't see a higher win rate within your first 30 days of using our indicator, simply provide your trading history as proof, and we'll gladly refund your full purchase price. No questions asked!

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