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You’ve Got The Candlestick Patterns PDF… NOW WHAT?

UNFORTUNATELY98% of people who download the candlestick patterns fail. Not because the patterns are ineffective but because…

Most of them just read the pdf without applying the patterns.
Others are “saving to read it for later” only to forget about it.
And some don’t even bother opening their emails.

So my question for you is…
Is this how winners act?

Is this how you win more trades?

Does NOT applying your learnings right away get you anywhere close to where you want to be as a trader?

I don’t think so…

Because if you don't use what you learned immediately. then chances are..

You’ll be in the same exact spot next year downloading yet another free stuff online about the next big opportunity.

Which is why I created something super easy to get you started with.

Perfect for traders like you to jumpstart your trading journey using the same candlestick patterns you just downloaded.


The 5-Day Win More Trades Challenge

The Principles You Can Find Inside This Challenge Are The Same Exact Principles that 900+ Successful Students Paid Me Hundreds of Dollars For.

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We’ve Helped More Than 
900 Traders WIN More Trades

Here's What They Are Saying...

Absolutely Brilliant!

I have been in Forex for over 20 years, and this has to be hands down the best indicator I have ever used. They say it's a trading tool. I say no; it should be called a "Power Tool".

Bernard Lewis, California, USA

After 10 years of searching, I found FxMagnetic™ candlestick pattern software. After spending a couple of days watching the video course and learning how to operate it, I quickly gained 10% in just a few weeks with low risk. Now, I'm on my way to getting a funded account!

Anthony M., United Kingdom
One of the best EA I have used

Rimantas has taken indicator trading to a whole new level. FxMagnetic removes any guesswork and sets traders up for success right off the bat. Its unique algorithm that allows optimization right on the chart sets it apart from the rest.

Jide Ojo, Canada
Like no other

I have followed Rimantas for many years and always found his products to be of a very high standard. I have never come across an indicator before that can be optimized and tested within MT4 as FxMagnetic. It is truly a pleasure to use.

Roland M, Australia
High Standard

What Is The 5-Day Win More Trades Challenge?


Simplify Trading in Five Days

The 5-Day Win More Trades Challenge is a challenge designed specifically for traders, who are overwhelmed by too many “trading strategies and have no time to try each one.

Gain Confidence in Trading

The 5-Day Win More Trades Challenge will help you gain confidence in trading by teaching you how to validate your candlestick pattern strategy and maximize your potential to 2x-3x your win rates.

When to Buy, Sell, and Exit

The 5-Day Win More Trades Challenge is a 5-Day guide where you'll learn when to buy, when to sell, when to exit so that you can mitigate your risk or even win more trades during sudden market changes like scare tactic headlines you see weekly on the news.

Increase Your Win Rates

Once you complete the 5-Day Win More Trades Challenge, you will have the knowledge and tools to increase your win rates, fine tune your strategy, and manage your risk effectively even when the economy suddenly crashes. You'll have a deep understanding of what makes some traders get good results while others have a hard time doing so.

Who Is The 5-Day Win More Trades Challenge For?

This is for traders who don’t have time to try out different strategies and just want to start trading effectively.

This is for traders who are sick and tired of buying and selling trades at the wrong time..

This is for traders who want to use prop firms but are terrified of handling $100,000 trading accounts.

Or for anyone who just wants to make trading a profitable career without having to spend hours and hours stuck in your screen.

This is NOT For?

Lazy people who want to get rich quick.

Traders who are short-term thinkers.

Uncoachable and unmotivated learners.

People who have an entitlement mentality expecting others to do the work for them.

So, Here's How The
Challenge Works...

The Old Way - Get a trading account, watch YouTube videos, try out the strategy that you learned, lose more win less, repeat with another strategy, At the end, you think trading isn’t for you.

The New Way - Validate your strategy. Pass A Prop Firm Test. Start winning more and losing less with your validated strategy.


Once you sign up, we'll send you an email with exclusive access to the 5-Day Win More Trades Challenge, hosted on our online platform, and you'll be invited to join the 5-Day Win More Trades Challenge Discord Group.

Each day, you'll watch a series of pre-recorded videos guiding you through the entire process of when to buy, sell, exit, and what tools you need to increase your win rates by at least 2x-3x.

If you have any questions, you can get them answered by messaging inside our private Discord community.

Here's EVERYTHING You're Going To Get When You Sign Up Today!

5-Day Win More Trades Challenge Bite-sized Videos on how some traders win way more times than others so you can do the same with your trades and increase your win rates by 2x-3x.

These Videos Include:

Guided Candlestick Pattern Validation with a Full Video Showing How to Make Sure You Have a Higher Chance of Predicting WINS with Your Strategy. (worth 297)
Get Funded Protocol that Will Help You Learn How to Use Prop Firms and Trade with Up to $400,000 of real money Without Any Risks. (prop firms will take all the risks) (worth 349)
My Own Time-saving Framework that will Allow You to Save Hours from Trading. (worth 189)
Demo of the Exact Software We Use to WIN Tore Trades FASTER (Worth 50)
The Best Time to BUY and SELL (Worth 199)
The Best Time to EXIT (Worth 149)

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Bonus #1

How to calculate the right lot size + Formula (Worth €297)

Bonus #2

Access to a private elite trader’s discord group (Priceless)

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ONLY €27

What Traders Are Saying About 
My 5-DAY Win More Trades Challenge...

The "Win More Trades Challenge" is by far the best value-for-money course I've ever seen (and I've bought MANY). In a few videos it gives a crispy clear vision of how the work must be organized to become quickly profitable, and this is useful for both beginners and experienced traders.

Paolo Di RuzzaItaly

"Participating in the Win More Trades Challenge has given me a renewed perspective on trading, despite my 20 years of experience. There's no one else I know who creates a system from scratch and then dedicates themselves to ensuring we trade successfully. The 5-day session provided is invaluable, covering every aspect comprehensively."

Wan Mohammad ShazlyMalasia