Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the logic behind the FxMagnetic algorithm?

The FxMagnetic algorithm is scanning the market for extreme conditions and looking for prices that are far above their average or far below their average. In other words, the FxMagnetic algorithm is trying to identify overbought and oversold levels to detect mean reversion. After FxMagnetic detects overbought conditions the price can continue moving higher. Likewise, the price can continue moving lower after an indicator detects oversold conditions. This means FxMagnetic will catch losing trades as well as winning trades. What’s important is to have more winning trades than the losing trades.

Q: Can you give me proof that the FxMagnetic indicator is effective?

Asking if a trading indicator is effective is the same as asking if a fishing rod is effective. The answer is the same – it depends on who is using it.

FxMagnetic shows the outcome of the last 100 trading signals it produced. Those signals are not repainted or modified to trick anyone and they appear exactly as they appeared right from the moment FxMagnetic displayed them for the first time. You can already see there are many winning and losing trades on the chart that happened in the past and you can see the outcome of each trading signals from FxMagnetic. I cannot provide you any other proof that the FxMagnetic indicator works. Look, FxMagnetic is not a “crystal ball” that tells you the future nor it is a holy grail. FxMagnetic will provide winning signals as well as losing signals. What’s important is to have more winning trades than the losing trades.

Q: What lot size should I use when trading with the FxMagnetic indicator?

I recommend using 0.01 lot size for every $500 of your capital when trading a single instrument. This means if your trading account is $10,000 and you decide to use $2,000 for trading with FxMagnetic then ($2,000 / $500) * 0.01 = 0.04 lot size per trade. You would have to divide the lot size by the number of pairs you are trading. For example, if you’ll be trading 2 pairs then you would divide 0.04 by 2 pairs and use 0.02 lot size for each. But for now FxMagnetic works on EURUSD only so we will use 0.04 for a $2,000 capital in this example.

Let me explain my recommendation.

Good traders aim for the best scenario but prepare for the worst scenario. Then, when the Forex market bites you (and trust me, eventually it will bite you), you won’t end up with an empty account.

Imagine if you get 10 losing trades in a row (never happened before but no one knows the future), where each hit -55 pips stop loss. That would be -55 pips x 10 = -550 pips loss. For the sake of this example, we’ll assume that 0.01 is worth $0.10 for each 1 pip. This means -550 pips with the 0.01 lot size would produce -$55 loss which is -11% of your capital. It’s a loss but not a disaster.

Losing 10 trades in a row would be a clear sign that there’s something wrong with the indicator and I would have to re-optimize it. If you use a higher risk you would end up losing much more and might not get a chance to try the reoptimized version of the indicator to recover losses.

Q: How much signals will I get daily with the FxMagnetic?

The number of entry signals FxMagnetic gives depends on the market and how the price is moving. There might be times when FxMagnetic will provide two signals per day while later it might provide only one signal per a week. If the market does not move much then, FxMagnetic will not give entry signals just for the sake of giving you something. FxMagnetic provides entry signals according to the specific algorithm which is tracking the market price, and it does not focus on how often you want to trade but instead focus where best possible trading opportunities occur.

Q: What success rate FxMagnetic has?

At the time I created FxMagnetic the success rate was 62%. It means 62 trades out of a 100 are profitable and hit the take profit. But it is essential to understand that the success rate always changes. FxMagnetic measures the success rate (winning ratio) based on the last 100 trading signals it gave in the past which means the success rate will vary as FxMagnetic gives you more and more trading signals. The success rate can grow higher or it can go lower.

Q: Why FxMagnetic does not show the last 100 trading signals on my MT4?

Different brokers have different price history data so you might see different entry signals on different brokers. Personally, I use FxMagnetic on GBE Brokers.
Because of different price feeds the calculations of the FxMagnetic algorithm will produce slightly different results, and you may see somewhat different entry times and prices. Sometimes it is even possible to get entry signals in different directions on two different brokers. If this happens, do not freak out and follow the signals. Afterall, no one knows for sure which one will end up winning – none of us have a “crystal ball.” It’s all about the probabilities.

Q: Do FxMagnetic work on all pairs?

For now, FxMagnetic works only on EUR/USD 30-minute chart. If there’ll be a high demand, I will create additional versions of FxMagnetic for other pairs too. FxMagnetic indicator for each pair will cost extra.

Q: What return and drawdown can I expect?

Every trader uses FxMagnetic differently and everyone will have different results. If you give two fishermen a fishing rod, then one might catch lots of fish while another one might catch none. No matter what trading indicator you are using, you need to use your common sense for each entry signal as well. There’s no answer what return and drawdown you will experience when using FxMagnetic because no one can tell the future. There will be losing trades and winning trades. What’s important is to have more winning trades than the losing trades.

Q: Can you turn the FxMagnetic indicator into EA?

Technically it is possible to turn FxMagnetic indicator into EA, but I will not do that because I created this product for manual Forex traders. Manual Forex traders observe each entry signal of FxMagnetic but if it does not align with their technical or fundamental analysis they might skip particular trading signals. The EA, in this case, would be worthless because EA cannot read the mind of every trader. If you are into automated trading then I invite you to our webinar at where you can learn how to create EAs yourself without programming.

Q: Do you provide trade copier signals?

I do not provide trading signals from FxMagnetic, but I do provide trading signals from my automated trading strategies at

Q: Can I see your trading history?

I do not provide a trading history for FxMagnetic because it would be the same as providing the results of a fishing rod. If you give two fishermen a fishing rod, then one might catch lots of fish while another one might catch none. I am more a programmer than a trader. But I do provide a trading history for my automated trading strategies at

Q: Do FxMagnetic gives exact SL and TP as well as the exact entry price?

Yes, FxMagnetic gives exact entry price, stop loss and take profit.